Relax please ... It's your time!!

Relaxation Wellness Retreat in Goa

Seeking for a time where you can simply withdraw from the world and experience deeper levels of inner relaxation that you ever imagined by creating some space within you? join us in  Wellness Retreat in Goa

Immerse yourself into the art of letting go by diving deep into the daily practice of guided Yoga Nidra session, learning simple and effective self Yoga Nidra Practices for your everyday meditation when you go back home, movement through daily Gentle Hatha Yoga and Pranayama every morning which will leave you feeling refreshed with a sense of well being and simply a lot of time to relax. Evening will be followed by short gentle active movement (energy flow movement) with full fledged guided Yoga Nidra.

Goa is greatly influenced by Portuguese and Hippie culture, where a lot goes behind in forming it’s history which can be noticed easily in its beautiful local people, temples and churches around. Our Relaxation Wellness Retreat in Goa is located in the heart of South Goa, Agonda beach, which is one of the most quiet and has most cleanest beaches to swim, meditate, watch the most beautiful breathtaking sunsets and catching sights of the dolphins. Being here is truly a blessing and invites magic to happen. Our resort is located on the main beach road of Agonda beach which keeps you well connected with the markets and restaurants and the beach as well.

We believe less is more. A well-experienced relaxation and wellness retreat in Goa that will leave you fulfilled and rejuvenated


Unbelieve Beautiful Sea

in Wellness Retreat in Goa offers an unbelievable beach view for guests to enjoy. Wake up to the sound of waves crashing and watch the sunrise over the water from your balcony. Our beachfront location provides the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation in nature's beauty.


Comfortable Room

we offer comfortable rooms designed to promote relaxation and peace. Our rooms feature comfortable beds, calming colors, and ample storage space. We are committed to providing a welcoming environment for all our guests to unwind and recharge.


Just Steps from the Center

Our beachfront location allows guests to easily access the sand and water, providing a unique opportunity to connect with nature and find inner peace. Whether you want to take a swim, go for a walk, or simply sit and meditate by the ocean, our retreat center offers the perfect setting to do so. Relax, unwind, and let the sound of the waves soothe your soul.

The rooms are specially designed keeping in mind personal space, for the relaxation one needs. We recommend you to have a single occupancy in case you are with your partner or a friend. The purpose is to make you experience the true joy of being with yourself, experiencing the inner freedom that comes with it. Of course it's not compulsory but just a suggestion from us.


Accommodation is provided with single or double occupancy. Hygienic rooms, well facilitated with contemporary settings, clean washrooms, hot running water and wifi access.

 From our resort, you can just walk straight to the beach anytime.

SINGLE ACCOMODATION PRICE : $350 for 7 days all inclusive

SHARED ACCOMODATION PRICE: $300 for 7 days all inclusive


In today’s modern times, we, in a real sense, do not know how to really relax and let go.

We think we do, and even in our regular sleep, we feel we are relaxing, but actually our muscles and tissues are still in a contracted state.

We all deserve to experience and implement true relaxation of the body and mind in our lives.

Our Yoga Relaxation Wellness Retreat in Goa aims to nourish you with deep relaxation, allowing for more space to dwell within, which is our innate freedom.

Each day we will dive deep into the depths of our inner journey through the practice of Yoga Nidra, where there is nothing but true silence.

We all crave to find that ‘stillness’,” that silence outside of us, which actually resides nowhere but deep within us. That’s why tradition in yoga says, “How can you find something that is already there?” So come, let’s flow and make this experience happen all together!

What makes our Wellness Retreat in Goa  so special!

Wellness Retreat in Goa is for, whoever you are, no matter how old you are or wherever you are from.

 It is for YOU, who want to take a step out of the world and simply relax, in order to connect to Life from an empowered state, in health, vitality, fullness and Joy.

By the end of the Retreat, you will have a sense of openness within you and learn most effective tools to make Meditation as your personal daily home practice like a ritual, where not much effort will be required.

Motivated by serving you in the best way, Joshita will be sharing amazing and unique practices that she is passionate about and that has been a great support of transformation in her life. 

She feels that what works for her may work for you. From the ancient practice of gentle Hatha Yoga to Yoga Nidra, she will guide you through an inner journey where you may find many treasures.

 Her intention is to give you a feel of what those practices could bring, hoping that you would be eager to implement some of them in your daily life. Transformation is an ongoing process, it has to be cultivated every moment.

When society always calls us outside, pushing us to always do more, we want here to allow Space for you to BE and simply, REST…

Wellness Retreat in Goa
   Daily schedule 


Gentle Hatha Yoga and Pranayama


 Yoga Nidra




Free Time




Free Time 


Active movement/Yoga Nidra


Free time/Watch sunset



During your free time, you can do whatever feels right or not do anything at all.

Discovering the beautiful Agonda Beach Road, where you can enjoy shopping at local flea markets, eating exquisite local Goan food, sitting at really cool European-style cafes, having a personal ayurvedic treatment, going for long beach walks, reading a book, or taking a nap.

We will also be taking you for a visit to huge rocks (a super small hike) on Agonda Beach to watch the sunset and a trip on the boat to catch the sight of dolphins.

 In your free time, we will also be learning some effective methods to make silent sitting meditation your daily home practice without much effort. Disconnect from the world as much as you can and be with yourself. 

Minimizing the use of mobile phones, avoiding too much chattering, and not getting involved in any sort of work are our suggestions; they are not mandatory, of course, but they will allow you to make the most of your stay. 

Sometimes, we need to withdraw to come back in a new way.

If you feel unable to join the activities at times, it is all up to you. Allowing that sense of space and freedom is what our relaxation and wellness retreat in Goa is based on.

Brief breakdown of the schedule

Day 1- Guests arrive in the afternoon post lunch retreat will open with opening ceremony

Day 2- Scheduled as per the itenirary

Day 3- Scheduled as per the itinerary

Day 4- Scheduled as per the itinerary

Day 5- Scheduled as per the itinerary

Day 6- Scheduled as per the itenirary

Day 7- Morning practice followed by Breakfast. Guests will leave after Breakfast.

what is yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is a sleep based meditation, a beautiful combination of relaxation with awareness where we relax as deeply as in sleep while being awake. Its exactly like ‘going to sleep state’.

 Since sleep is natural to us, this practice easily helps to experience ‘gap of nothingness’ or ‘point of stillness’, where nothing exists and really helps to stay here for longer periods.

 Once we experience this stillness, we heal ourselves on all the levels of our being (physical, emotional and mental) and its much easier to carry this centeredness back with is in our daily lives. 

It’s from this point where we start to see changes in our relationships, in our lives and most importantly relationship with ourself.

 Yoga Nidra practice allows us to do that without much effort.

 Yoga Nidra is all about effortlessness, state of let go, where nothing needs to be done but just being. It’s the opposite of what society demands from


All starts with what we put in our body! We serve detoxifying delicious meals (not oily, heavy or spicy) freshly prepared by our in-house Chef. We focus a lot on healthy locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, at the same time taking care to make each dish great in taste as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served everyday throughout the Retreat with an organic touch, keeping in mind the benefits and composition of different herbs and spices combined in making Sattvic food. You will also experience Indian cuisine with it’s aromatic spices (not hot spices). All our meals are prepared freshly daily, using mineral water so that you are safe & healthy through out your stay with us.

Our small beautiful and open wooden Restaurent ensures to serve you with fresh, local ingredients available with minimum wastage. Our well-trained Chefs ensure that everyone is provided with what they need. Herbal Tea and filtered water will be available for you all day long. Their beautiful smiles and simplicity will just make your heart melt.

Breakfast will include oatmeal/ muesli with nuts, fruit Salad with Banana Bread, herbal tea or coffee.

Lunch will include Indian cuisine –Thali with vegetables, Lentils (legumes) or curries, salad, rice and Indian breads (non spicy).

Dinner will mostly include soups (like pumpkin, tomato, spinach, carrot etc) with vegetables by the side, eggs, salad and breads or cutlets by the side.

Besides the above you can order some mouth watering delicacies from our kitchen which include our personal favourite home recipe of chocolate bars, smoothies and other beverages.

We cater and are open to any special dietary changes like gluten free, vegan etc. (Please inform us about the same before arrival via email)

Airport to Agonda

Pick up fare from Goa International Airport to the Yoga Retreat resort is included in your Retreat fee. 

We will take care of your arrival pick up from the airport on the day the Retreat begins.

Please send us your flight arrival details on the email and we will co ordinate with the driver, who will be waiting for you at the airport with your name plate, making your arrival hassle free.

The whole journey from Goa airport to the resort is around 90minutes.

The retreat will be facilitated by Joshita, originally an interior designer; she started to practice yoga and meditation at a very young age under the guidance of her mother.

 She feels immensely blessed that she could learn and is still learning so much from her mother, who is a spiritual practitioner herself. 

Joshita has been practicing Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation for several years on a regular basis. 

She has conducted Yoga Nidra retreats and meditation classes, courses, and workshops in various teacher training courses and retreats for over nine years in Rishikesh (India), Koh Phangan (Thailand), and now in Goa (India).

 Joshita is a certified Yoga Nidra facilitator. She studied Yoga Nidra with Bettina Kahlert (a renowned Yoga Nidra teacher), which further led her to finish Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training with her.

 She also got the privilege to study and complete a 30-hour Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training through the one and only “International Yoga Nidra Conference.”

How to register

When you feel ready to register for the yoga retreat, you will need to fill out our online application form and send it to us. Prior to that, you will receive a PayPal request to pay $75 as the registration amount. The remaining amount can be paid on arrival at the venue.


Our Refund and Cancellation policy 

. Reserving a spot for the retreat requires a registration deposit of $75 of the total price, which is Non- refundable in case booking is cancelled. Remaining amount should be paid on arrival.

. In case of full payment made online, registeration amount of $75 will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded.


 Friend referral discount of $50 when you get a friend on the course, will be given to the student referring the friend.

. We cater and are open to any special dietary changes like gluten free, vegan etc. (Please inform us about the same before arrival at the venue via email)

why to choose Wellness Retreat in Goa

Wellness retreats are becoming increasingly popular among individuals who are looking for a break from their stressful lives and want to focus on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Goa, a state on the western coast of India, is home to some of the best wellness retreats in the world. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about wellness retreats in Goa, including how to choose the perfect retreat, the benefits of attending one, the activities and programs offered, what to expect during your stay, the cost, and how to prepare for your retreat.

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat in Goa

Attending a wellness retreat in Goa can have numerous benefits, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. From improving your overall health and fitness to reducing stress and anxiety, a wellness retreat can help you find a balance in life that you may have been missing.

How to Prepare for Your Wellness Retreat in Goa

Preparing for your wellness retreat in Goa is crucial to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. Packing essentials such as comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, and sunscreen are essential. Mental and emotional preparation is also essential to prepare for the journey ahead. Physical preparation such as getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and eating healthy is also important.


I am a beginner in my Yoga and Meditation practice, can i still join Relaxation Wellness Retreat in Goa?
– Yes absolutely you can. It does not matter where you are in your Yoga journey. All you need to bring with you is ‘sense of openness’ with you, where you can jus be and relax.

I will be travelling alone to india. Being a woman and by myself, is it safe to travel?
– Our Yoga Retreat Resort is located in Goa which is a highly touristy place, recieving tourists from all over the world. India is a safe country to travel as long as you are familiar with your surroundings.

Your arrival from Goa International Airport is our responsibility by taxi with our trusted driver. The journey from the airport is 90 minutes to our resort.

Since English is not my native language, will it be difficult to understand and participate in the Retreat?
– As long as you have some basic understanding of the English language and can speak little bit also, you don’t need to worry at all. Our Facilitators and Teachers will take extra care of you in that aspect.

Is food and accommodation included in your fee?
– Yes your food and stay during the Retreat will be included in the fee. You wil be served three meals during the Yoga Retreat.

I have some dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan, dairy free food etc. Can some changes be made for me by your kitchen staff?

– Absolutely we can make the changes. Our kitchen staff will adapt to your dietary needs. We recommend you to email us in advance about your special diet restrictions, so that our kitchen staff can make all the necessary changes required a bit in advance when you arrive.

Can I arrive few days before the Retreat starts or stay back after the Retreat ends with you?
– It will not be possible because we have the dates booked at the Resort for other Teacher Training courses in advance every month. Please arrive on the date the Retreat begins.

If my flight lands at Goa International Airport at 5 am, is it possible for you to arrange a taxi pick up?
– Yes. We are well prepared to recieve you 24×7 from the airport. So do not worry about the arrival time of the flight at the airport.

Is it possible for you to arrange taxi drop when we leave after the Retreat?
– Yes we will help you arrange the taxi to drop you to the airport for your flight. You can pay the taxi driver directly.

What should I bring with me to Goa for the retreat?
– Please bring your Yoga mat, toiletries, comfortable cloths for the tropical weather, mosquito repellent for the evenings.

Does your Resort have access to the beach?
– Yes our Resort is right on the beach. So you can go for the magical and popular sunsets, swim and simply relax.

How is the weather in Goa?
– Goa is a tropical place and the temperature ranges from 25 to 35 degree. Only in the months of December and January you may need a hoodie for early mornings and evenings.

Pick up fare from Goa International Airport is included in your Retreat fee.

We will take care of your arrival pick up from the airport on the day Relaxation Wellness Retreat begins.

Please send us your flight arrival details on the email and we will co ordinate with the driver, who will be waiting for you at the airport with your name plate, making your arrival hassle free.

The whole journey from Goa airport to the resort is around 90minutes.

What is a relaxation wellness retreat in Goa?

A relaxation wellness retreat is a type of retreat that is designed to help individuals de-stress, rejuvenate and relax. These retreats offer a variety of activities and programs that promote relaxation and mental well-being.

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